Michaela is...


 Stevie Lynn


...a multi-cultural (indigenous-mexican, brown-ish), queer human, forever interested in challenging the status quo. The work Michaela strives to create is twofold: Theater that amplifies the voices, images, and histories of those whose experiences are not, but assumed to be small, forgotten, or irrelevant; and theater that resonates with the innate human desire for connection and laughter, in new and more magical means.

Although Michaela’s work is modern experimental in nature, the inclusivity of non-western tradition is crucial to their goal of bridging the gap induced by colonial, euro-centric theater education. Michaela’s approach challenges normative patterns of time, sound, and aesthetic, by utilizing mixed mediums to create the kind of mystical experience that can only exist in live theater. Not bound by one structure, Michaela adapts to the needs of each process with joy, embraces creative fluidity, and seeks to establish an environment of autonomous installation in which each artist is a leader. Their practice fights against economy based theater, instead acknowledging that artistic process holds equal weight with what the audience receives.

Michaela’s work does not hold one truth, but reminds us of the role that theater can play in multi-voiced education, inclusivity, accessibility, and conversation in the current political divide.

Michaela’s work has presenced spaces in New York, California, and Alaska. She is a 2017 KCACTF nominee, 2019 Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab member, resident director at The Tank, and a 20/21 Clubbed Thumb Directing Fellow.
Additional training and performance include work with LAMDA (London), Independent Shakespeare Co., and Native Voices (Los Angeles).

She really likes:
singing about potatos on her ukulele
cooking for her friends
lord of the rings and avatar the last airbender



Michaela is currently getting her 3rd degree in Veterinary Technology

You can see their latest work, @IndefiniteDraft , as part Clubbed Thumb’s 2021 WinterWorks.

Michaela’s mom always

said, “can you put your faces on the internet,” so she did.  

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